Series 65 Ionisation Smoke Detector

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The Series 65 Ionisation Smoke Detector uses a low activity radioactive foil to detect fires by irradiating the air in the smoke chamber and causing a current flow. If smoke enters the chamber, the current flow is reduced leading to an alarm. The detector can be used with most modern conventional fire alarm panels.

Air in the Apollo Series 65 Ionisation Smoke Detectors dual sensing chambers is irradiated to produce ions that travel to the positive and negative electrodes, creating a current flow. The detector will then enter the alarm state and the indicator LED lights up. The Apollo Series 65 ionisation smoke detector housing is identical to that of the Apollo optical smoke detector but has an indicator LED which is clear in quiescent state but produces red light in alarm.

Key Features:

Wide operating voltage
Advanced electronic technology
Flashing LED option
Magnetic test switch option
Can be used on security systems
Electrically compatible with Series 60
Mechanically compatible with Series 60
Proven detection performance
Designed to meet approvals worldwide
Range of bases available