Apollo Series 65 Duct Smoke Detector

£52.47 +VAT

For use with Series 65 or Orbis detectors (sold separately)

  • Operates in air speeds of 0.5m/s to 20m/s
  • Transparent cover to view detector head LED
  • Integral smoke test port
  • Volt-free contacts

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The Apollo Duct Smoke Detector provides early detection of smoke in the air moving through heating and ventilation (HVAC) duct in commercial and industrial premises.

This can be fitted to the side, the top or the bottom of the ventilation duct and has two tubes which extend into the air duct through holes in the duct wall.

The duct smoke detector is designed to operate in ducts with a width of between 300mm and 3000mm.

A sampling tube of 360mm, suitable for duct widths up to 540mm, is supplied as standard. Longer sampling tubes for wider ducts may be ordered separately:

150—750mm Part no 53541-170APO

750—1500mm Part no 53541-171APO

1500—3000mm Part no 53541-172APO 

Duct smoke detector is designed to accept conventional detector head.

The following heads may be used:

Orbis Optical smoke ORB-OP-12001

Series 65 Optical smoke 55000-317APO

The duct smoke detector is supplied as a housing with a base fitted for either a conventional detector or an analogue addressable detector.